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Expert Witnesses and Arbitration Experts

Preface by Ronald L. Wobbeking, FSA, Former Chairman, CEO & President of an Insurance Company

The traditional resources available for selection of arbitrators and umpires are the Reinsurance Association of America and ARIAS.  These insurance organizations were formed to deal with arbitrations and the American Arbitration Association which covers all industries.  The two in insurance organizations are dominated by P & C experts.

The recent increase in life and health litigation and disputes has created a shortage of qualified arbitrators.  In addition, existing organizations have developed practices and procedures that have made the arbitration process very formal and have reduced the impact of the original purpose of arbitration clauses. These clauses were intended to provide a speedy business solution to disputes by a panel of knowledgeable industry business people.  The current environment often leads to costly and legalistic outcomes which could eventually lead to the elimination of the arbitration clauses. 

Our goal is to provide resources to support the intent of an arbitration clause and results that will facilitate a speedy, fair and appropriate resolution.

When you need expert witnesses and arbitrators, please refer to the following list of proven and experienced individuals.  

MyHealthGuide provides this listing as a service and does not certify or endorse any of the individuals listed.  The information provided is believed to be accurate but has not been verified.

Expert Witnesses and Arbitration Experts

Individuals are listed in alphabetical order.


Bruce A. Carlson, FSA


2372 Sapodilla Lane
St James City, FL 33956


612-619-0315 (cell)

 Work Experience
  • Consulting Company CEO
  • Insurance Agency CEO
  • Insurance Company Sr. Vice President
  • Insurance Company Subsidiary Founder and Owner
  • Stock, Mutual, and Fraternal Insurance Companies
  • Individual and Group, Life and A&H
  • Direct and Reinsurance
  • Chief Actuary
Arbitration Expert Experience
  • Over 100 engagements as an expert, arbitrator, or umpire in both litigations and arbitrations.
  • Has represented insurers, reinsurers, intermediaries, Plan Sponsors, TPAs, MGUs, PPOs, policyholders, health plans, brokers, consultants, and claim management vendors.
  • Life, health, stop loss, self-insurance specialty.
  • Mediation experience.
  • Active in the Industry Study Group.
Industry Involvement Since 1975
  • ARIAS*US Certified Arbitrator and Umpire
  • ARIAS*US Qualified Mediator
  • FINRA Public Arbitrator
  • Qualified Neutral under Rule 114 of the Minnesota General Rules of Practice
  • Licensed Insurance Producer


Cori M. Cook, J.D.

Contact CMC Consulting, LLC
2491 Aspen Way
Billings, MT 59106
  406-647-3715 (work)
 Work Experience
  • COO & General Counsel TPA
  • Corporate Counsel TPA
  • HIPAA Privacy Attorney & Consultant TPA
  • Litigation Consultant
  • Mediator
Mediation Experience
  • Appellate Mediator for the Montana Supreme Court
Industry Involvement
  • Since 2002
  • Society of Professional Benefit Administrators (SPBA) Board Member
  • Self-Insurance Institute of America (SIIA) Committee Member
  • Health Care Administrators Association (HCAA) Committee Member
  • Federation of Defense and Corporate Counsel (FDCC) Member
Designations Juris Doctor


Thomas A. Croft, Esq

823 Barrington Oaks Ridge
Roswell, GA 30075
  770-674-4292 (work)
404-247-8181 (cell)
 Work Experience
  • Attorney at Law
  • Stoploss litigation and consulting
Arbitration Expert Experience
  • Consultant in arbitrations and litigation.
  • Host comprehensive website dedicated to legal developments relating to medical stoploss insurance at www.StopLossLaw.com.
  • Regular contributor to the Self-Insurer Magazine.
Industry Involvement 1994
Designations Juris Doctor


Adria L. Garneau, CEBS


Advanced Medical Strategies
50 Salem Street, Building A, Suite 108
Lynnfield, MA 01940

  603-401-2720 (mobile)
781.224.9711 x106 (office)
781.224.9713 (fax)
 Work Experience

Officer for consulting and auditing firm
Provider reimbursement consultant
HMO operations director
TPA operations manager

Arbitration Expert Experience
  • Expert Witness: Provider v. Excess Loss Carrier Dispute
  • Expert Witness: Reinsurer v. Carrier Dispute
  • Expert Witness: Plan Sponsor v. TPA Dispute
  • Expert Witness: Plan Sponsor v. Excess Loss Carrier Dispute
  • Expert Witness: Carrier v. MGU Dispute
Industry Involvement Since 1980
Designations   BS, Economics
AS, Accounting and Business


Denis W. Loring, FSA, MAAA

Contact 119 Grand Palm Way
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418-4630
  561-625-5552 (work)
561-625-9707 (fax)
561-351-8585 (cell)
 Work Experience
  • Financial Company EVP
  • Insurance Company SVP
  • Insurance Company Actuary
  • Reinsurance Business Head
Arbitration Expert Experience
  • Arbitrator and Umpire, Reinsurance Disputes
  • Expert Witness, Reinsurance Disputes
  • Consultant in Arbitrations, Civil and Criminal Litigation
Industry Involvement Since 1971
  • FSA
  • MAAA
  • BS, Mathematics
  • MS, Mathematics
  • Certified as arbitrator and umpire by ARIAS-US


Harry Tipper, III, MBA

Contact 2070 Isles of St. Marys Way
St. Marys Georgia 31558

508-287-7439 (Mobile)

 Work Experience
  • President & CEO of Bermuda domiciled reinsurance company and sponsor of segregated account cells
  • COO of insurance operations for US-domiciled Captive manager
  • Reinsurance Underwriting Manager:  SVP Operations & Director of Casualty, Workers Compensation, & Occupational Accident
  • Insurance Company: SVP, Business unit head, & Director of Workers Compensation
  • Reinsurance Company: VP, Finance, Administration, & Information Technology
  • Speaker before US and Canadian insurance & financial services regulatory agencies
Arbitration Expert Experience
  • Umpire: Insurance Company-Policyholder disputes
  • Expert Witness: Reinsurance disputes
  • Forensic Analyst & Consultant: Ceding Company-Reinsurer-rocessionaire- MGU/MGA disputes
Industry Involvement Since 1973
Designations MBA - Finance


Eugene T. Wilkinson, CLU

Contact The Wilkinson Group, LLC
416 Indies Drive
Vero Beach FL 32963
  772-589-2639 (work)
908-872-3748 (mobile)
 Work Experience
  • Insurance/Reinsurance Company Officer
  • Underwriting/Administration HMO, Insurance, Reinsurance, Managed Care
  • Mergers Acquisitions
Arbitration Expert Experience
  • Insurance Co. v. Insurance Co. Rescission
  • Insurance Co. v. Reinsurer failure to pay
  • HMO v. Reinsurer disputed claim
  • Stop Loss practice and procedure
  • Underwriting Pool/Facility practice and procedure
Industry Involvement Since 1973
Designations CLU


Ronald L. Wobbeking, FSA, MAAA

Contact Wobbeking Network
2055 Aberdeen Lane, Unit 203
Naples, FL 34109
  763-439-0225 (work and fax)
 Work Experience
  • Insurance Company Chairman, CEO & President
  • Chair of company providing Corporate Capital to Lloyds of London, Member of Board of Directors
  • Member of Executive Committee and Chair of Membership and Ethical Standards Committee of Health Insurance Association of America (HIAA) 
Arbitration Expert Experience
  • 17 arbitrations including 4 as umpire
  • Served 7 times as expert witness
  • Listed in Reinsurance Arbitration Association Arbitrators Directory
  • Member of ARIAS-US
  • Industry experience in all phases of live and health insurance and reinsurance
Industry Involvement Since 1964
Designations FSA